1. got my bike back. it is serviced and ready to go. the handlebars are uncomfortable but i’m going to fix that soon enough, and i’m going to ignore it in the interim.

    in october i will be doing the great cycle challenge, so i gotta get my shit in order now!

    tomorrow, we ride.


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  4. program updates

    have had to tweak my program a little to account for this back injury.

    i haven’t been swimming since my last post, but tomorrow morning i’m heading to the pool. this is the plan, man:

    swimming 3x a week, as per this program.

    gymnastics training on my off days — i will have to figure out frequency as i go. if this is too hard on my back i’ll either lower volume/frequency or switch to yoga. but for the moment i will be following this breaking muscle plan.

    swimming starts tomorrow morning! i am bollocks at it, historically. so hopefully it goes okay.


  5. the time for mourning my original goals is now over.

    here’s the update: i have a fractured spine. it’s gonna stay that way. so army, air force.. it’s out. i was SO CLOSE. i’d been recommended for my reserves spot, i’d switched my application to a full-time position and i had passed all the tests. i was ready to go. then i found out about the spine.

    so. i’ve had a few months off — just resting my back and reconsidering the order of my goals (luckily i had other dreams, i just moved ‘em up a little) and now i’m ready to get “back in the gym”. figuratively. because here’s the thing: i’m not supposed to lift weights, or do contact sports or even sprint.

    that means i’ve gotta radically change up my training. i want to remain strong, healthy and athletic for as long as possible without requiring back surgery, so i need to find ways to Go Hard without overloading my spine.

    body weight routines, swimming and — probably — yoga are on my to-do list for the next year or so. then i will re-evaluate. see how my back has held up, see what’s on offer.

    like i said, though, the time for mourning is over. i need to get back on the wagon.

    it’s not about meeting prescribed fitness standards any more, it is just about maintaining that thing i found in the process of reaching for them. the joy, that glee you can experience just from fully inhabiting your body. it was a novel experience for someone who has spent so much time in their head. i loved it, and i loved how POWERFUL i felt when i was deadlifting 1.5x my bodyweight.

    i am sure i can attain these same feelings under a new regime.

    i’ve also gotta get back OFF the sugar. i’ve relapsed and been hitting it pretty hard.

    so i propose the 6-Week Returner Program, in which i will exercise a minimum of THREE TIMES per week for the first three weeks, and then FOUR TIMES per week for the final three weeks. i will also abstain from lollies, chocolate, ice cream, softdrink, et cetera.

    my goal is simply to recover the discipline and focus i had when i was really goddam serious about getting Super Fit, before the pain set in.

    tomorrow i will kick off the returner program with a workout i’ve ripped straight from ross enamait’s ‘never gymless’. it’s the first integrated circuit, with the pull-ups switched out for some push ups/chinnies.

    four rounds of these:

    • burpees
    • push-up
    • squats
    • chinnies

    round 1: each exercise for 60s

    round 2: each exercise for 45s

    round 3: each exercise for 30s

    round 4: each exercise for 15s

    no rest between exercises, no rest between rounds.

    in the long-term, i’m not sure if i’ll stick with the never gymless routines or maybe switch to one of the bodyWOD bootcamps. but i didn’t want to spend a few days umm’ing and ahh’ing over what was out there, so until i settle on something else i will follow along with ross!

    the 2nd of july marks 6 weeks from tomorrow. will keep track of success with tickmate or something.


  6. rarrr

    every few weeks i get something - a tweaked muscles, a niggling joint, whatever. some small, avoidable thing. and to make sure it doesn’t get worse i stop doing the squat or the deadlift or the sprint, whatever caused it. and i spend all this time not doing things i want to be doing. well, this last month is the final straw.

    i’m starting from the bottom. i’m nixing my current program and regressing back to the start.

    at least two weeks of foundational bodyweight work. mobility WODs. stretching, gotta focus on conditioning too so hill sprints, tabata on foot and on the bike, short and hard sessions.

    then i’ll start my lifts again, but i’m dialling it back to minimum weight. 20kgs. probably do some high volume work, slowly add the plates back on. the focus will be form, though.

    i don’t know what my rate of return will be. maybe ii’ll add 2.5kg a session, something like that. i’ll build up again. but.. form, form„ form. i won’t sacrifice form for weight. i had my eye on the wrong targets, i guess. gotta take it back to the form.

    the other thing i realised during my off-month was that my current goals, the pressing ones, the professional ones.. they require a little less time lifting and a little more time getting my sprints up, getting my endurance up. so i’m rolling it back from 3+ weight sessions a week to 2 sessions a week, in terms of ‘must do’ training. i can always add another lifting session once the other stuff is done - if i have the time or the energy. i’ll see how that goes. 

    anyway, just thinking out loud here. gotta write this shit down or in the morning i will pretend i never thought it.


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  10. Hitler discovers that low bar squats failed him.

    AKA fucking lols.